Sustainovation Customer Reviews

Chris Fabian

Co-Founder of ResourceX

Nick is electrifying! We just held our annual conference, bringing together over 200 of the nations’ leaders in budgeting and resource optimization. Nick was our highest rated speaker, by far – and we had tremendous speakers, including winners of the Baldridge Award. Our audience members crave authenticity, vision, and practicality, and Nick delivered on all three, leaving people inspired, bought-in, and ready to take action! If there was such a thing as the ‘Tony Robbins’ of local government, Nick is it!

Angelica Wedell

Marketing Director at National Research Institute

I've attended and produced plenty speeches for local government conferences over the last few years and I can honestly say that Nick Kittle is one of the best speakers I've seen. He expertly combines inspiration with practicality in his message in a way that is engaging and memorable. 

If you ever need an engaging, motivational, and informational speaker at a conference or event, I highly recommend Nick Kittle!

Oli Sanidas

Arapahoe County Library Executive Director

Nick is much more than a speaker or trainer. He is an inspirer. If you consider yourself an innovator then you need to see him. If you don't consider yourself an innovator then you need to see him. You will leave a better human being either way. Nick motivates you to take on what you need to take on. He will make you believe that you need to take on a challenge and he offers practical knowledge to get you there. Oh and he's damn entertaining as well. I am a proud member of Team Us and am one of those who is a better human being after working with Nick.

Jill Gaebler

City of Colorado Springs

Nick cares. He cares about community and he cares abou tpeople, and he has the passion, energy, and knowledge to affect amazing change. Every time I hear Nick speak, his vision and enthusiasm lift me from my seat to action. I call that true leadership.

Jay Anderson

Citizen Engagement & Open Data Administrator

Nick has the unique ability to entertain, educate, and challenge all at the same time. That’s why so many communities are calling on Nick to help them address their toughest challenges and break through the dysfunction in their government. His ability to drive change comes from his genuine interest in empowering people. Whether it’s breaking through gridlock among elected officials or training staff to find innovative ways to improve services, Nick helps people find the creativity and courage they need. 

Jim Lichtenwalter

Builtworlds Event Organizer

Nick was a great addition to our Cities Conference. His keynote about how to effectively engage with government entities was both eye-opening and engaging for our attendees. He was thoughtful, exciting, and knowledgable. We appreciated his presence, and the level of excitement he brought to the room and would definitely hire him again to keynote our events.

John Olson

Managing Member at Altitude Land Consultants

His presentation style of engaging the audience through witty, relevant pop-culture examples, yet tying it in so that the message is memorable is an unmatched art form.

Christopher Aaby

Catamount Institute Executive Director

Nick’s presentation went beyond my expectations. He took the time to weave the conference’s theme into his presentation as well as content from the previous speakers. He left attendees encouraged and excited, there has never been a closing keynote speaker at our conference that has created such a buzz. I would highly recommend Nick as a speaker for any conference or event. His innovative thinking and creativity is infectious and motivating.